Stealing moments away at Morning Brew, iced latte and breakfast bagel with pepperjack cheese in tow. Thankful to be home, to call Hawaii “home” knowing of course that the home which so graciously shaped me will always be. Regardless of location.

A gorgeous lei and new dresses for El and I awaited our arrival. A clean house, warm hugs and calls from friends greeted us and I can’t help but praise God for this place – for the community crafted around us – for people who know us and love us – for ministry that is destined for adventure, growth, change, challenges, tears, laughter, and bended knee.

The trip home was good for my soul. My prayer and earnest plea to God is for the place in my heart that constantly misses family and dear friends (both mine and JD’s) to be nurtured and comforted. With visits from both sides of the family in the works and possible plans of vacation in the fall, I feel free to be present here in Hawaii. You have no idea what a gift that is. To love the people that aren’t here without dismissing their presence and still be engaged in community and minsitry here. Grateful to have parents and in-laws who understand The Call, who embrace God’s will more than their own, and support us with steadfast love over the distance of an ocean.

As this week unfolds and we are busy calendaring spring and summer (wait, isn’t it already the spring – yes, why yes it is but guess who is still stuck in February? Yes, the admin lady who was gone for 2.5 weeks. Awesome) I’m so excited about ministry my sides could burst! I’m stoked (yes, I live in Hawaii. I say “stoked” a lot) for potential and freedom and God’s obvious presence at Faith. Like I told my boss-friend/friend-boss, I just want to drink up student ministries like it’s a nearly frozen glass of chocolate milk!

Amen and amen.


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