Letting you know…

I’ll be taking a break from all social media/networking for a while (blogs, twitter, facebook). It’s just something I need to do. With the exception of small breaks and email, I’m signing off until Easter time. It’s something I’ve needed to do for awhile but haven’t mustered the courage to do. SOOOO I’m taking advantage of Lent and reconnecting with God, my journal, my love for books, intentional time with JD and El, and getting things together in my life. Yes, social media took me away from all of the above. A break is needed. I might come on here to post pictures occasionally, but other than that – see you in a bit!!!

Oh – and check out the “Elianna Joy” photos tab. There’s some good ‘uns!







3 Replies to “Letting you know…”

  1. It’s funny that she has the same open mouth expression in the majority of the pics! I know you probably won’t read this until after Easter, but I just may be able to visit you sometime in May. I haven’t said anything to anyone really, because it’s not yet for certain, but looks like my hubby is needed for a few weeks. I look forward to it, but also dread it, as we would bring our girls with us and that is one long plane ride with a baby – as you well know.

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