daddy dearest,

Today marks year 50 of your life, which is pretty impressive, I must say.

I am sad that an ocean separates us this day, but am thankful that we can celebrate in person two weeks from now, perhaps dessert at Roys? One only hopes 🙂

On your birthday, I want to say thanks.

Thanks for the laughter we’ve shared, the pranks you taught me, the jokes that only you and I seem to think are funny, and the seasonal belly laughs at The Christmas Story.

Thanks for life lessons still being taught.

Thanks for sharing your passion for the outdoors and camping, Calvin Crest, youth ministry, and family.

Thanks for providing me a good home and exemplifying a stellar marriage.

Thanks for the letters, the phone messages, the emails, and the times when you insist your twenty-something year old daughter sit on your lap for a good squeeze and an “I’m proud of you.”

Thanks for loving my husband and daughter.

Thanks for the twenty five years we’ve shared together… it’s been a blast




3 Replies to “daddy dearest,”

  1. It was fun looking at how my little brother has changed. Maybe even better looking.
    Did anybody notice the people in the background are Lynn,Laurie and Holly?? Check it out!!

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