There are some days I wish I was a stay at home mom so I could spend my free time playing with other moms and their babies, take weekday trips to the zoo or the beach, and walk the marketplace with Ellie in tow. Enter Wednesdays.

Wednesdays are the most demanding day of all for us in terms of student ministries – Wed. is youth group and we spend the latter half of the day cranking for the evening. We’ve scheduled our work day to start at 1 pm and go through 10 pm, sometimes later if a late night Taco Bell run with  students is in order.

Wednesday mornings, however, are small havens tucked into the middle of the work week that I have set aside just for Ellie and me (and JD once his class is over). We either have play dates with other dear friends and their babies or head into Kailua town for a stroll through some of my favorite stores, go to the beach, the zoo, etc. Today we went into Kailua town, grabbed an iced coffee while Ellie stared awkwardly at the barista (who didn’t know what to make of this baby who looked at her like she was the most mundane creature to ever walk the planet), and browsed through a few local shops. Toward the end of our outing we stopped by the used bookstore and picked up these treasures:



Didion for JD, Lamott for me, and Boynton for Ellie. Perfect.

The flowers were actually purchased by JD last night for date night – because he thinks of me when he shops at Safeway. And also makes Top Sirloin.


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