In case you weren’t sure who El looks like…




She sure has JD’s eyes though!!!

*HT to aunt Marti for sending this photo of me and my cousins!


8 Replies to “In case you weren’t sure who El looks like…”

  1. Wow she looks just like you as a baby. I love it when that happens. I always joke that Madeleine and my hubby are twins, LOL. Their baby pics are also identical.

  2. Caits – I know, right?! I agree. I look at that picture of me and honestly think I’m looking at El – and visa versa with pics of El. CRAZY.
    Ashlee – thanks lady! Man I’m totally enjoying all her cuteness right now
    Jules – hahaha yes I do believe so – though I didn’t realize we were so close in age!!! Haha I love that he’s freaking out in this picture. El is my favorite too – part of the reason we named her, we figured eventually it’d go from Elianna to El. 😉
    Erika – I can totally see Madeleine looking like your hubby (based on pictures of course). Does Clara look more like you? Excited to meet you IN PERSON tomorrow!!!!!

  3. btw Jules – do you notice how I think it is insanely hilarious and awesome that Luke is freaking out? True to Annie form, really.

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