If you are in ministry, read this book.

Craig Groeschel’s IT: How Churches and Leaders can get IT and keep IT is blowing my mind in the area of ministry (specifically for us, student min) lately. It’s an easy read, super practical and obscure all at the same time (because IT is not definable though IT is attainable). Groeschel is hilarious, real, honest, and gives an encouraging message for those in ministry – particularly ministries in the midst of rethinking the way ministry is “done” or are perhaps in the grassroots stages of ministry.

Sean, our Pastor for Student Ministries and a Zillion Other Things (no, that’s not his real title… though he does take care of quite a lot) is having JD and I read it together and it couldn’t be more timely. God has been impressing our hearts with the need for more of a Spirit-led ministry and we have responded with prayer (which often looks more like PLEADING), rethinking ministry, visioning God’s heart for our students, and everything in between. Reading this book honestly has just put words to the questions and concerns that were already looming in my head. We are entering a season of prayer and fasting as a team as we once again get on our knees for God’s direction in student ministries at Faith.

If you are the kind that pray, please join us in prayer as God leads us through this journey.

Oh – and if you’re in ministry – READ THIS BOOK!



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