Groves Girls. Generations 3








After taking these pictures I decided it’s time to get a tan and maybe lift some weights? Huh, huh? Who’s that scrawny white girl anyway?!?! Sheesh! Mama G (Aubi) and Moni (tia) are keeping me company (read: keeping me sane, cleaning, cooking, and allowing me to still work full time w/out JD) while hubby is overseas. We’re doing all things girly and loving NOT being the minority (there are four boys in the Groves’ fam, not including Papa G). El is thoroughly doted over every minute of the day and I’m lovin the bonding time.


6 Replies to “Groves Girls. Generations 3”

  1. Love, Love, Love the happy faces and love being shared all around! I am so glad you recorded the event with pictures and print.

  2. The pics are sooo gorg!!!!! Miss you bunches and guess what Chris and I will be coming to Hawaii in Jna. Not sure where yet but I will keep you updated!

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