JD Overseas!

JD is far, far away with a team from our church supporting some of our full-time long-term missionaries overseas. They are ministering at the Nehemiah house, which takes in girls up to age 18 who have been physically/sexually abused/trafficked and gives them a place of rest and peace and joy. The team we sent is helping run a camp for the girls as well as spending every hour of every day (5am to 10 pm) hanging out with the girls. I get updates via email and Skype every few days and I thought I’d share some of them with you!

The first time I spoke with JD there was gentleness in his voice and he described the Nehemiah House as a place of peace and joy and so much love. He is having a great time leading worship, loving the girls (they call him “kuya,” or “brother”), and encouraging the Caseys (missionaries supported by our church). Here are a few pics:

The team arrives:


Worship time:


The girls enjoying the worship:


JD sent me this email yesterday:

Today was great. Camp is going great and my voice is pretty much shot.
The girls and the staff are so wonderful, I will definitely miss them.
Tomorrow we are going to the beach with the girls, and all that I will
say for now about today was that I was a duck in a duck hunt game for
a carnival and that Melissa and I competed blindfolded to pull Vienna
sausage from between brants toes. Oh yeah, and we could only use our
mouths. Both Melissa and I almost barfed. It was great though. Miss
you tons. And I can’t wait to see you and I love you

You can read more thorough updates from my good friend Jill, here.

Continue to pray for them as they wrap up their time there – due back to HI on Sunday (which I am beyond excited for)!


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