My One Year Old.


If you aren’t the sweetest being in the entire world then I don’t know what is. I am madly, CRAZY in love with you and am thrilled to be your mama. I say this every month and every stage, but I’ll say it again – this is my favorite age. I love to watch you walk around clapping your hands, sticking your tongue out, doing “Ellie’s Hula,” saying, “duck, dog, dada, and mama,” playing peek-a-boo, learning “patty cake,” and DEVOURING dried blueberries like they’ll be gone tomorrow. We get to feed you fun food now that you’re one. Like cake and ice cream and real milk (which you have yet to try).

This morning we took you to Cinnamon’s and you had a cinnamon roll. It wasn’t planned this way, but as we sat at the table with family I remembered eating at the same restaurant one year ago nervously waiting to get induced. I had a huge omelet. And that was it for the rest of the day. You showed up several hours later, all pink and pretty. I loved you the second I saw you. And dearest, that love has only grown since then.

You are passionate, thoughtful, focused, determined, happy, and spunky. You love to help me with my makeup in the morning, and whenever you wander off with mommy’s mascara you always bring it back when I ask. You love to play with blocks and tupperware. For your birthday auntie Meredith made you a little treasure box with sparkly pinks, greens, browns, and purples and it is by far your favorite gift. We store tiny barets that still wait to be used in your fine hair in that little box.

You adore people. Your grandparents, tia, and uncles love you to bits, and you love them right back. It’s such a joy watching you interact with our family. Your Hawaiian Ohana loves you too – we just had a party for you, and lots of people came. There was plumeria around your sunglasses cake, and cupcakes decorated by your uncles. We had a slip and slide, a baby pool, and a kiddie pool shaped like Shamu in the front yard (we live at the church – soo… the patch of grass in front of the parking lot?). These were great entertainment for your friends 😉 As is Hawaiian tradition, we had luau food complete with kalua pork (which daddy and pops smoked in the smoker), rice, rolls, lomi salmon, poke, pineapple, and a bunch of other pupus (including daddy’s homemade hummus). It was divine. Take my word for it.

I love you sweet girl. You bring us so much joy. AND HEY! We made it through the first year!!!













You wanted daddy to try the cake before you even put it in your mouth!



Thanks Emme and Jeff for the great pictures!!!!


5 Replies to “My One Year Old.”

  1. Wow, I wish I had kept a log like these for my children. Of course, I tell them stories, but truly, you are creating a gift beyond measure for your daughter. Bless you for this and for all the love you share.

  2. Oh how I miss you. I’m sad that I missed the party–even sadder than I’m not there at all. Happy birthday to El. She’s a great little girl. You two are great friends to me and mine. Love you both (and JD too). 🙂

  3. Her ears are pierced!…made me think of that Friends episode when Rachel’s sister pierced Emma’s ears. So happy that you had so many friends and family to share her first with!

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