Snapshot Video of Elianna’s First Year

Her first year in five minutes


6 Replies to “Snapshot Video of Elianna’s First Year”

  1. your baby girl is so precious! love that knit blanket and leg warmers in part of the video. so cute!

    and that soup in the post below looks delicious!

    thanks so much for popping by~ any cousin of barbie and justin is a friend of mine! love those two! and that is pretty amazing that you swam competitively for 6 years under mr bonetti! you must be a fantastic swimmer.

  2. Beautiful, Annie… she is a very lucky little girl to be surrounded by so many people that love her so much. Love you–

  3. bandofbrothers – thanks for stopping by! I know I just love those leg warmers – so fun! Oh, and Mr. Bonetti was my swim teacher as a young kid who encouraged my parents to put us on a swim team (though not his, not in his district) – so I’m nothing special as a swimmer but definitely enjoyed the time I did spend swimming!

    Jill – we sure miss you over here! I am glad you, Ava, and Daniel were such a huge part of Ellie’s first year!

  4. Annie, we loved it! She is so beautiful, and I miss your face soooo much! Much love to you and JD and little Miss Ellie!

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