Unstoppable, really.

I’ve been quiet, internet. I could give you a million reasons why… priorities, busyness, lack of inspiration, blah, blah, blah… but at the forefront would probably be this little diddy:


We’ve known for a few weeks but wanted to confirm a heartbeat before telling people – and what in the world do you blog about when all I can think to write is I’M PREGNANT AND THROWING UP A LOT!

Yesterday we got to see the little love that is growing rapidly inside of me, causing me (once again) to stand over that blasted toilet bowl not once, BUT TWICE a day, as if my devotion weren’t enough the first time around.


I am 9 weeks along (tomorrow) and due St. Patty’s day 2010 – hey-O!!

We decided to go with another doctor this time around, mostly so we could deliver at the wonderful hospital that is two blocks away from our house (literally) and has a stunning view of the Ko’olau Mountains outside the labor/delivery/recovery rooms. This hospital is also much more natural birth-friendly, and my doctor has the highest reputation for allowing moms to do their thing naturally, without medical intervention except when necessary. We loved meeting he and his staff yesterday – JD commented afterward that it was like a Bradley Super Center! Haha we used the Bradley Method (husband coached natural childbirth) with El and it worked like a dream, even when induced with pitocin and water broken with a giant Popsicle stick 😉 Anyway, enough about us being hippies.

So. We’re pregnant. Again. YAY! In some ways I’ve been in denial, despite the fact that I’m incredibly nauseous 24/7 . Seeing the little love confirmed everything, of course, but I still can’t wrap my mind around two babies. TWO CHILDREN. WHAT?! They will end up a little less than two years a part and I have all sorts of emotions and thoughts concerning this. Questions of love and how it works with two, wondering how El will adapt, drained at the reality that I won’t have my body to myself for another two years at least (pregnancy and breastfeeding), excited about holding a newborn again, hoping morning sickness won’t last 6 months again, etc. etc…

It’s time for breakfast number 2, so I’m gonna jet. Maybe eat some fritos.


7 Replies to “Unstoppable, really.”

  1. CONGRATS ANNIE!!!! This is wonderful news! I know you are the most amazing mother!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  2. right behind you this time annie! i think clayton’s 3 weeks ahead of ellie and our #2 will be 2 weeks behind yours! 🙂 it’ll be fun to stay up on your pregnancy updates!!

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