Enter Pregnancy Brain.

I took Ellie in our vw bus this morning to grab some McDonald’s. It was like driving a camp car. Except on real streets. With real intersections. And the other cars are NOT in the same condition.  No, I don’t do this every morning – I usually limit my McD’s trips to once a week – but this morning warranted such an excursion. Despite the fact that I found myself throwing up WHILEST comforting my crying child who REFUSES to leave my side when I puke, and despite the fact that my poor husband was kept up to who knows what hour preparing a delicious pot roast for this evening’s dinner, I additionally found myself last night in the throes of pregnancy dreams.

Sometimes pregnancy dreams are great. Like, licking cotton candy while riding a roller coaster great. Most of them, however, are just awful. They are painfully vivid, and whether it’s a dream about giving birth to the incredible hulk (like I did with Ellie) or reliving the oh-no-I’m-naked-in-the-cafeteria dream, pregnancy dreams should be outlawed. Mine last night kept me up from 3:30 am until the birds started chirping and it was light enough to find the bathroom without turning on any lights for fear of the intruder that was hiding underneath my bed. And yes, it took that long to recover from this dream. Nevermind the fact that I sleep next to my ginormous, freakishly strong husband whose primary job as a UCLA football player was BLOCKING (whose side I was glued to the remainder of the night, which he loved considering that summer heat is still coming strong here in HI), or the fact that I’m days away from turning 25 and no longer live in my parents’ house where said dream took place. None of this matters because pregnancy brain is turned on FULL FORCE. AND IT WAS REAL. And yes, my dad DID TRY TO SHAKE HANDS WITH THE KILLER while my mom kept saying, “uh honey, BOB, I think he really wants to kill her.” Sheesh. Thanks dad.

Needless to say, I woke up EXHAUSTED this morning. And it had nothing to do with Ellie. I honestly feel like I never got a break in the whole sleeping through the night deal, because once El started sleeping through the night on a consistent basis – beautiful 12 hour stretches each night – I got pregnant and OH! MY! GOODNESS! I HAVE TO PEE ALL! NIGHT! LONG!

And you know what? I still got 8 hours of sleep.


Because I went to bed at 7:30 pm.


One Reply to “Enter Pregnancy Brain.”

  1. Oh Dearest El,
    I understand everything you told in this area.
    I really can get anything that why you still got 8 hours of sleep?
    You need to check-up your self to get some information inside the body.
    I don’t know why its happen but there is nothing to be worry about.
    As i think…
    But better way is to check your body.

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