He sure can make a fine latte…

A hot vanilla latte keeps me company this quiet morning. Ellie has just requested her morning nap, and went down without so much as a whimper. Yes, my child requests naps. She lets us know by signing and saying, “all cow,” (Ellie’s version of All pau – Hawaiian for ‘done’ or ‘finished’). Aaaah the nice transition from guessing when it was time to go to bed to the ever clear “put me to bed this instant or I will throw a giant fit!”

The work day is slow to start on Thursday mornings, as youth group keeps us up late the night before. This morning, in particular, was like a well orchestrated dance as JD and I managed the morning duties of making El breakfast and seeing to it that I eat before throw up #2. We were out of eggs and meat this morning, so an Egg McMuffin had to suffice. My first of this pregnancy. I had my last McSkillet burrito the other day. OVER. THEM. JD brought me breakfast as I entertained Ellie in the living room. “Did you know there are toys in this kleenex box?” I asked JD. He laughed as he pulled out a purple sea star and a green block from the kleenex box that houses merely three or four tissues – the remainder of the snow storm Ellie created in our home using tissue paper.

As I got ready for the morning I told JD about a “note about books” that is going around facebook, one of the questions being “Shakespeare, Milton, or Chaucer?” I guessed JD’s answer was Milton, but he paused and pondered for SEVERAL moments before landing on one particular writer. “That’s a hard question because it’s really like comparing apples to oranges. Shakespeare wrote primarily plays, Milton wrote epic poems, and Chaucer wrote narratives and framed stories (or something like that, I forget the precise wording).” “Well, just choose one,” I said. “Who do you most enjoy reading?” “I think I need to read more Milton before I can really answer that… but I guess for now, I’ll say Shakespeare.” And the discussion continued. I personally prefer Chaucer.

Whan that Aprill

Ellie went back and forth between us, sharing hugs as we engaged in super nerdom. There are few things I enjoy more than my husband talking about English lit. Of course, the conversation started when I entered the room saying, “a plague on both your houses!” and forgetting – for a SECOND – which Shakespeare play the line came from. Heresy.

Excuse my ramble…

It’s just nice to have mornings where I stop and think, “gosh we’re good together.” And when he hands me a vanilla latte in a green ceramic mug with fresh vanilla syrup that he’s made himself, I get all oogly googly inside because I’m SO GLAD for this marriage and the gift God has given us in each other.

It almost makes me want to say, “We’re having another baby? Bring it.”



7 Replies to “He sure can make a fine latte…”

  1. That is what God wants from us. To love our spouses as he described. And to give thanks to God for them as well.

    I just started a new blog about marriage and how men can better love their wives. I would appreciate it if you would take a look and give me your comments and feedback.



  2. Well I had fun this morning too. You didn’t mention my grumpiness, though, don’t forget that I’m not the most pleasant person to be around every morning. But I loved reading this and I love you. Thanks for loving this nerd.

  3. Ken – thanks for reading! what a thoughtful blog you’ve created! it’s nice to see men passionate about their woman!!!

    Jessica – right? thanks for stopping by! I just checked out your blog, btw, and it’s awesome! so funny!

    JD – I don’t even know what you’re talking about. You soooo weren’t grumpy this morning. Later, yes. But not this morning 😉

  4. I’ve been having moments like that with Brian lately – except not the baby part 🙂 I love hearing how Ellie comforts and walks beside you during this pregnancy. Very sweet.

  5. …with his shoures soote…
    I was just muttering those very lines under my breath earlier this evening. 🙂
    Love reading about you guys, especially about Ellie. Miss you!

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