A bit of it all.

Life has returned to some semblance of normalcy these past couple days. I don’t know why I’m still surprised when she gets fussy and whiny, clingy and demanding. It’s always the same thing. Her hot skin should tip me off. A few days into it  JD and I look at each other and say, Aaaah… Teething. As if this weren’t something we’ve encountered for the past ten months. Short naps, early mornings, snot, fits, fits, and more fits… always our cue. New Teeth.


The week drags on slowly until we’re sure someone has stolen our girl and we will never sleep until seven again.

And yet, as quickly as it comes, it goes.


We’ve got her back.


She who loves adventure.



Who delights us with her determination, spunk, and sheer loveliness.






Her happiest word is “baby!” Eyes light up, face softens, lips curl. When asked where mommy’s baby is, she promptly retrieves my shirt and exposes my belly button. “Baby!” she points and grins. Daddy also has a baby. And it is in his belly button. Occasionally I catch Ellie looking down her own shirt whispering, “baby.” Babies come from the belly button.


We bought her a baby. A small doll for El.


She gives besos, carries it by its legs, and sits on it.


In roughly six months, a real baby will enter her world.


One she shouldn’t sit on.


New challenges, new joy.


An adjustment or two.


Missteps, frustration, exhaustion.

Delight, euphoria, triumph.


All will be well.


For now, we’re soaking in every ounce of joy that she brings as our firstborn.

We’ve had a hard few months… But it feels like a new season. Less pain. Less nausea. Less gumspace. Less frustration.


Autumn is upon us. My favorite season of change. Change in the weather, in the air, in our church, in Ellie’s development. Spring is the season for new life, and no doubt this will be true for us come March 2010, but the season that makes new life possible always fills my spirit with awe and anticipation.

Welcome, Fall.



5 Replies to “A bit of it all.”

  1. I Love all of it, especially the one where she has fallen. It looks like a kung-fu move. She is ready to rock somebodies world with that move.

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