a little love for this guy

I think my husband is hott. HOTT. HOTT. HOTT. Why two “T’s” – I don’t know. That’s just what the young folks do these days…

I’m also very proud of him as he pursues his goal of losing 30 lbs. Not an easy thing to do alone. Especially not easy when the wife is  going to pack on the pounds in the next several months…

So send a little love and encouragement over his way as he diligently pursues his goal!


One Reply to “a little love for this guy”

  1. Oh My!!!! Our boys must have a chat. My JD just went on this venture (I can’t tell you how many attempts there were prior to several months ago). 260+ lbs down to 230ish. I feel bad that they have to work so hard when all we had to do was nurse 🙂

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