Faceplant. x 2

This is TOTALLY dramatic… 😉

Friday El and I went for a walk around the church grounds, making a stop outside the Toddler room to play with the toys. She pushed the cars around making vroom vroom sounds and attempted a tricycle for several minutes before we were on our way again. El was so excited about her playtime she started running on the sidewalk, tripped over her feet, and kissed the concrete. Hard.

I picked her up and gulped when I saw blood. We rushed over to the office and daddy confirmed El was ok. She cried for a total of about 15 seconds, which should have been my first clue – but BLOOD! JD spent most of the time calming me down before we went inside the cottage for a Popsicle and Tylenol. Her nose and gums were scraped up, but she seemed fine.

We capped the event off with a lunch out and then a nice long nap,


Today, Saturday, the VERY NEXT DAY, we were shopping in Old Navy for toddler shoes and a toddler backpack. We found an adorable toddler girl backpack and put it on El for size. She got SO excited about the backpack that she started running around on the concrete floor and – you guessed it – BAM! Faceplant #2. JD was there this time and both of us slightly panicked as blood began spilling out of her mouth and onto her hands and shirt. JD was concerned her teeth cut through her lip, I was just in shock that she did THE SAME THING two days in a row. We found ice at a Starbucks across the street and sat in the store holding ice to her mouth while we tried on shoes (picture two traumatized first time parents whose baby girl just busted her lip sitting ON THE FLOOR of Old Navy with a cup of ice, a story book, surrounded by shoes) – we would have just left, but we had to make an exchange and purchase the backpack that had our baby’s blood on it. Lovely.

Here is the aftermath:




3 Replies to “Faceplant. x 2”

  1. Poor little girl! Perhaps it is just the age… Ava also had a major face plant into the concrete in our driveway last week. Big raspberry under her eye and on her forehead. Hope you heal up soon, El!

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