Pregnancy update

Still nauseous.

Pulled over on the side of the road today to throw up. I opened the backdoor seat and pretended to rummage around while puking my little guts out. BOO.

That being said, the nausea is most definitely milder than a few weeks ago. I still throw up in the mornings occasionally, and the night times continue to be awful, but it’s better than before and so I’m thankful.

My cravings are a bit different this time around… Taco Bell just really doesn’t do it for me. At all. We’ve gone a couple times, but nothing like when I was pregnant with El. I considered making her a onesie that read “Powered by Taco Bell,” and it wouldn’t be far from the truth. This time – it’s all about the french fries. I love me some McD’s fries! Lately I’ve had INSANE cravings for Top Ramen with sriracha (spicy vietnamese sauce) at around 10 am each day. Um, hello? What’s with the crazy? Needless to say, we have a pack of Ramen in the kitchen that I partake of on a regular basis. At least it’s cheap…

So far, this pregnancy has been a bit different than with El… but also very similar. I’m sick, of course, but with El I was consistently throwing up no matter what for about 20-25 weeks EVERY MORNING. Round two, I had a much more intense bout of morning sickness from about week 6-12, but then at 12 weeks I started going a couple days in between pukes and the days seem more bearable. As with El, I absolutely MUST eat meat every morning. Still. It’s pukesville if I don’t have some sort of meat to sustain me. I seriously can’t wait for the day I can just sit down to a bowl of cheerios and be perfectly content…

We go on vacation in two weeks – which I’m STOKED for – but I’m definitely praying my morning sickness will be completely finished by then. I’ll be 19&20 weeks along for the trip, so there’s still hope.

Today I felt flutters for the first time!!!!! There’s actually a baby in there! I know I know, the nausea and the sonograms are enough evidence of a growing being, but there’s nothing like feeling your baby move for the first time. I love it!

Ok – so there’s the scoop from prego land. With all those fun details, anyone want to venture a guess as to the gender? We find out October 16 – YAY! So let’s hear it – what are your predictions?


4 Replies to “Pregnancy update”

  1. Girl. (in honor of my little sister, whom I love.) I’m so glad I didn’t read this post until today. October 16th is tomorrow!! The wait is almost over.

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