Bullet point blog

* I seriously get bummed out every time I check the weather app on my phone and see “High 82 Low 77.” Come on Hawaii, just a little fall weather? PLEASE?!?! I don’t remember getting this bothered by the weather before, but holy moly I’m roasting out here in this humid 80 degree weather.

* We were basque last night. JD made basque soup and beans and it was melt-your-mouth delicious. I seriously can’t wait to get the setup at Woolgrowers when we’re in Bako a few weeks from now. I don’t think the Hawaiians know the Basque exist. Thankfully I married a chef.

* Speaking of chefs, I made dinner the other night for the second time in 17 weeks. Yes, you read that correctly! JD was so glad he didn’t even care that all I made were egg salad sandwiches with bacon and lettuce (so delicious by the way – I might make another one right now just because they’re SO DARN GOOD).

* All three of us Groves are sick today. Probably have the swine flu. Don’t tell my mom.

* Speaking of flu – we’re getting flu shots today. I have mentally prepared myself for this shot for weeks. Sure I’ll give birth to a baby naturally without pain meds, but a shot?! Oh dear goodness no.

* Someone asked if I am pregnant the other day. A whole 4 weeks before anyone asked with El. Well, here’s to “why don’t you go ahead of me” and “let me get that door for you!” Gotta love the prego perks!

* Very much in the in-between stage of normal clothes and maternity clothes. Picking out outfits is QUITE an ordeal.

* Feeling the love lately – Jesus, JD, students, leaders, friends, family… Love. Love. Love!

* That’s all for now for my ultra narcissistic post folks.


One Reply to “Bullet point blog”

  1. Basque… isn’t that what you do in the sun on the beach, alllll the time if you live in Hawaii?

    We need more bacon here. Will you cook for us? 😉

    I’m scared of shots, too.

    I may be graduating from some of those transition clothes…wanna swap bacon for shorts in as many as 6 different sizes? 😉

    Sending some more love your way!

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