Where I am…

Well hello there. There have been things I’ve wanted to say but haven’t. Things about the Church… how really we’re a Body and that doesn’t mean everything’s hunky dory but that our purpose rests in our identity and that identity is Christ. The rest is peripheral. I’ve thought a lot lately that the Church loses its focus when it exists for itself. The Body of Christ does not exist for itself. That’s all I will say on that for now. End mini-rant.

Emotionally I’ve been all over the place as our church continues to push through a hard season, of which I won’t discuss here. Spiritually, God is leading me to a place of profound clarity in who God is and who I am because of God. I have struggled throughout my vocation of ministry with finding my identity in my calling. For that matter, lately I’ve wonder if I’m in fact called at all. Yet in God’s provision and great love, I find myself in a place of rest and peace… and hope. Hope in who God and hope in the way God works in and through people.

These links in the past few days have spoken to my heart in beautiful ways. Though very different, they each have added to the clarity I’m experiencing now.

I’m also currently thinking through how much I post about the babes on here… I don’t think I’ve gone too far, but I want to make sure whatever I write about my children is edifying and encouraging to them in the future. There’s room for honesty about the tantrums in their baby books, but not sure what boundaries are necessary here.

A good fall post is due soon, so stay tuned for some yummy pictures of Ellie dressed as a strawberry and our visits to the mainland!!!!!!!


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