This and That, It’s the Hormones Speaking I’m SURE

Hello there 23rd week of pregnancy! I am 22 weeks and one day along feeling much closer to seven months pregnant than five… Eesh! Quite a ways to go… and not all at the same time.

Nesting kicked in last night, appropriately as I lay sick in bed during youth group. Because clearly the best time to dust and organize is when you’ve got a gnarly head cold. I made lists and diagrams instead. And then couldn’t get to sleep because I wanted to flip the light switch on in Ellie’s room and begin raiding her closet. Again, with the timing. Seriously?!

I will post a photo soon, I forgot to take a 20 week belly pic and will try to make up for that in a few days. For now I’m snuggled in our home wearing pj’s and working from bed. So far, with the exception of growing at a much quicker rate, I am carrying frijolita (baby girl’s nickname given by JD) the same way I carried El, with a lil extra padding all the way around, particularly in the backside region. JD is actually thrilled… 😉

The other night I picked up my Bradley birthing book and started from page one, as if I haven’t already taken a twelve week course on the whole ‘shooting a watermelon out of a pringle can’ thing. I’m actually not dreading childbirth. Though I know how painful it is, I’m excited to have a doctor who is pro natural childbirth and only induces with pitocin when medically necessary. Truthfully I’d just really like to go into labor on my own this time around. I have The Business of Being Born on our Netflix que as well. Why? Because I’M INSANE. Next thing you know I’m going to start watching live births on youtube of complete strangers. TMI? Well, apparently pregnancy gives me an extra shot of ‘sas’ cuz I could write a whole lot more and am choosing to refrain… didn’t you miss me blog?!

Maybe it’s the head cold.



7 Replies to “This and That, It’s the Hormones Speaking I’m SURE”

  1. You make me laugh. Hysterically. I miss you… I miss sharing this with you. I hope you’re feeling well and little frijolita is growing like a little…bean. 🙂

  2. I loved watching the birhting videos in Bradley class. Never had Netflix or youtube to supplement the class tho. Do watcha like.

    Watermelon? Pringles can? OUCH! Seriously.

  3. You’re a crack up. I wish I had your desire to learn/ use the Bradley method. Last time I was interested in different techniques so I did some research for how to relax and tried several of the techniques during labor, but I was moving too much for the monitors and the pitocin was KILLING me, so I whimped out. Maybe this time…

  4. Jill – I miss this with you too! btw, you must watch The Business of Being Born – you’ll love it, and be very thankful you’re giving birth in an alternative birthing center

    fook- RIGHT!? I KNOW! OUCH indeed. I’m glad you don’t judge me for watching birthing videos 😉

    Barbie – there is no such thing as wimping out when you’re on pitocin. It’s like devil medicine! I was mostly motivated because I was (am) scared of the epidural for a number of reasons, couldn’t afford a doula, and so Bradley was the next best thing with a husband-coached birth. That and they have over 80% success rates with natural births. Crazy! I really hope they don’t stick you on pit this time!

  5. You are a little crazy! And I love it! Maybe we can watch more crazy documentaries like “The Business of Being Born” in bed. Anyway, I love you, your sass and your ability to carry and birth my babies. You rock!

  6. I am trying this comment thing for the first time.
    I wonder if this is the same method I tried 60 som years ago–Was it called Bradley -Reed? I remember trying to relax but I had not had any coaching or anything–just read the book. After Lynn was born, natually, the most pain I had was sore feet –I squeezed my toes when the pain came.She came so fast,( after 10 hours of labor) that my mother delivered her–the doctor couldn’t make it in time.

  7. JD – you’re my favorite
    Gma – Gosh I forget how long Bradley has been around, I’ll have to check it out! I can’t believe you got through labor pain by squeezing your toes! That’s pretty amazing. Was gpa allowed in the room at that time or was it just your mom? Was great-grandma a labor & delivery nurse as well? Such a cool story! Oh… and thanks for those genes that contribute to being overdue 😉

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