THIS is post #497

And you know what that means.

# 500 is coming up!

If I were crafty or had cash to spare I’d host a giveaway, but I have neither and can not for the life of me think of anything cool for post # 500.

So stay tuned, because WOW we’re almost half way to 1,000!


3 Replies to “THIS is post #497”

  1. nyakuma – hey there 🙂 I added an email subscription, but you can also go to the RSS feed on the very very bottom of the page. OR you can add me to your google reader. I hope that helps – I’m not super savvy in that sorta deal

  2. I get the no-money thing…do you have any stuff that you don’t want anymore? For instance, I have this Rachael Ray cookbook that I’ve never used that I was thinking of using for a give-away; it’s worth like $20 or something…maybe take a look at your stuff…just a suggestion. I think a give-away sounds fun!

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