A recent issue of Real Simple asked several writers to write about their favorite moment of the day. The answers were beautifully described, ranging from the last moments before the sun is up to the final moments of the day. My friend Jenny, a real writer, as I like to call her, was visiting for a few days and read the issue as well. We shopped and talked about our favorite moments of the day, romanticizing the glimpses God gives us of beauty, love, stillness, and rest.

My days are not entirely routine. Each day differs depending on the evening’s festivities, scheduled meetings, special events, etc. There is one concrete moment of each day, however, and on most days I am the one to enjoy it. Just before Elianna goes to bed for the evening, I hold her and snuggle her tight. It lasts only a few seconds, sometimes minutes, but it happens every time I put her down. I love the way her tiny hands wrap around my neck as she rests her head against my chest. It is one of the few times she is actually still for longer than three seconds. Sometimes we pray, sometimes we sing, but most of the time I just say goodnight and let her body relax into mine for a bit. It has become my favorite moment of the day, and I will cherish it as long as it lasts…

What is your favorite moment of each day? Your morning cup of coffee? Reading the newspaper? A lunchtime run? I love hearing how others make the most of each day!


5 Replies to “Moments.”

  1. My favorite moment of the day is right before dinner time with my community. We sit in the living room of the Common House, and as we wait for people to trickle in so that we can pray together for our meal, we just sit and joke with each other. It’s a happy time, filled with laughter, friendship, and an escape from the reality of the school work that we will return to after our dinner is over. And it’s my favorite moment of the day.

  2. Mine is similar to Daniel’s and yours. Nighttime is Daddy’s time with Ava, morning it’s all mommy. Daniel usually goes and gets her from her crib, brings her in to our bed, and she rolls over and cuddles with me for a while (hand in my mouth, of course). Sometimes she goes back to sleep, and we rest there in the quiet, before we have to do anything, before there any demands, before the noise and the busyness gets to us. I love it.

  3. Daniel – isn’t it the greatest? I love it
    Christie – sounds amazing. I would love to visit your community and see it in person!
    Jill – soooo sweet! Ellie no longer tolerates laying in bed with us – she is up and at ’em and off to the races… perhaps the next one?

  4. Getting to put Ellie to sleep and experience the snuggle is one of my favorite memories from my last visit. The snuggle and then dive towards the bed on that particular night, oh so great.

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