I like the sound of 2010. It looks nice on paper, even. 2010 arrived in the form of aerial fireworks across the island’s sky, smoke-filled streets lined with shadows of neighbors in good company and cheer, hugs and kisses, hollers and text messages… Finally, the New Year.

I am grateful for the relationships, both friends and family, of 2009. I am grateful for the work of God in my life – for stripping away that which kept me in reliance of myself. I am even grateful for what many of us have dubbed, “a hard season,” because quite honestly, I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learned through this year for anything in the world. I simply love Jesus more.

On this New Year’s Day, I am a bit foggy in terms of how to approach 2010. I have set new ministry goals, of which I will elaborate on more later, but that is as far as I’ve gone. I like Donald Miller’s thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions, and I will probably take some needed time to soul search and look beyond tasks and goals that currently float through my head like socks in a washing machine, unmatched and chaotic.

As I held my terrified child moments after the clock struck midnight on our small island in the pacific, I glanced at my husband who was prancing around the fireworks like a six year old on Christmas morning and could think that only one thing is for certain in 2010: the birth of a new babe. I fully expect 2010 to be a year of new love, adjustments in family and work as we figure out life with two wee ones, and continued reliance on God.

Enjoy some cell phone photos of New Year’s Eve – island style (which, if I can quickly describe to you – literally begins in late November as people set off illegal fireworks increasingly as Dec. 31 approaches, culminating in HOURS of aerial fireworks, firecracker booms, and good ole clean sparklers across all of Oahu. The island is covered in smoke and no matter where you turn your head, there is sure to be a production of fireworks in the sky – or – up a telephone pole)….


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