Tales of a Toddler

Ellie turns 19 months in just a few days, and I figured it was time I capture what life looks like at a year and a half.


My brother Patrick and his girlfriend Chrissy watched El the other day while we had a leader meeting. Patrick relayed the following sequence of events concerning her bedtime to JD and I, and while quite crazy, none of this shocked us.

Patrick: Ellie are you ready for bed?

Ellie: No

<some time passes>

Patrick: Ellie are you ready for bed?

Ellie: Nope

<a bit more time passes>

Ellie: (without any prompt, walks over to Chrissy) good night! (walks over to Elmo) nigh nigh Elmo! (walks over and puts dolls in her play crib) good night! (grabs pacifier out of basket on changing table and walks over to her crib. Stands there until Patrick comes to put her in). Nigh! Nigh!

* El has no problem going down for naps and sleep, unless she’s teething or sick. Just moments ago I told Ellie it was time for her nap and she said “Nigh! Nigh!” walked over to her crib and waited for me.


Eating breakfast together is often a mommy/daughter date. El and I were eating cereal and bananas the other day when she suddenly says “oh gosh!” I asked, “what is it Ellie?” Ellie exclaims (quite passionately), “I love food! I LOVE food!”

For the record, her first unprompted, unparroted sentence was “I like food.”

Her favorites: pizza(!) bananas, cereal, crackers, and beans


El has quite taken to her Elmo doll given to her by great grandpa Roper. It’s the only toy she tries to take places, including the bath! She often treats Elmo like her baby and will offer Elmo food, wipe his mouth, attempt to put on a diaper, stroll around the house, and put to sleep.

Other favorite toys and activities include: bubbles, walks outside, her Little People Farm (gift from tia), her baby stroller and crib, and reading books.

Learning and Growing

-El is a clean freak. LOVES. TO. CLEAN. After meals El holds out her hand while I wipe her down and she usually insists that she wipe her tray. She also cleans Elmo’s mouth, our table and floors, and her own hands and mouth. Last night she pulled out the broom, said “I do it,” and attempted to sweep our kitchen. This, of course, is a direct gene from her Aubi and can not be claimed by me.

– El often sings “Frosty the Snowman,” “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, HEY!” “You’ll do it (from Elmo goes to the potty),” and “we yo friend (from Jungle Book and the singing vultures)”

– This morning, El pointed to me and said, “friend!” Aside from mommy, El has lots of little friends and it’s fun to watch her learn to become a friend.

– Potty training is at a stand still due to guests, Christmas, and that awful stomach flu that kept her uh… irregular for almost a month. We’ll try again soon.

– As a big sister I predict she will: show baby who’s boss, protect baby, and be a big helper!

Here’s a fun video of El the last month or so:


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