Wherein I talk about The Cold.

Word on the street is I’m three weeks away from being considered full term, and in all likeliness – eight weeks away from delivery (thanks gmas and mom). So in math land – 34 weeks. THIRTY FOUR!

Today is going on day six of the death cold… and I WANT TO DIE. Seriously who’s ever heard of a cold that gets WORSE each day?!?! Yesterday El (who caught said death cold) stuck her finger in her ear and said, “hurt” and I promptly made a call to our doctors. An appointment for her and an appointment for me. I often hold off and see if it will run its course, but this cold thing is like bull on the run. As suspected, we’ve both got gnarly ear infections – though this is El’s first (not bad, eh?) and this is my million and eleventh. I had my first at two months old and tubes put it around 6 months. BAD EARS. BAD BAD EARS. JD is a nervous wreck now that Ellie has her first ear infection – thinks she inherited my ears. No honey – 2 months old v. 19 months. She does not have my ears.

My poor poor husband has been on nursing duty for both of us. I’ve been able to do lots of work on my computer (with winter camp and maternity leave coming up, I have lots of admin and calendaring to do), but other than that – I’m worthless. So Ellie watches “cats” (Aristocats) and “quenquins” (Happy Feet) while mom moans and dad seriously wears a cape around the house… baking bread, fixing most of our meals, running youth group tonight, driving me to the doc’s cuz I’m so dizzy I don’t think they’d allow me on the roads, wiping snot (Ellie’s, not mine), and doing a great job at not going crazy. A round of applause, please, for the tall, dark, and handsome man.

Some sweet blessings have come from this time too, making the sleepless nights ALMOST bearable. One of our families in student ministries saw that I was sick on facebook and dropped off an ENORMOUS Get Well bag of goodies for Ellie and I. And later that day we had a “tea party” with Auntie Cathy who made me some tea and gave El a sweet little cup with fish on it and instructed her to sip her tea. Too fun!

Not such sweet blessings? NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE ALL THE NORMAL MEDS THAT NORMAL SICK PEOPLE TAKE! And it just dawned on me that I have not been able to handle a sickness normally since 2007, because THAT’S HOW LONG my body has been attached to either a growing fetus or a nursing babe. It sort of makes my skin itch to think about. Not that it’s not worth it – because it totally is – but just the fact that I haven’t been able to take Nyquil for 2.5 years is a little nutso. That and the fact that all this coughing causes me to have some doozy braxton hicks contractions that sort of feel like my uterus is lifting off into space leaving me to catch my breath, which I can’t do because of The Cough.

See, I knew you wanted me to vent for a whole blog post and look! I did it! Oops.


One Reply to “Wherein I talk about The Cold.”

  1. well, duh, i need a picture of you! none for 2010! come on now.

    and i will buy you some nyquil next year when i’m visiting. it will be my gift to you.

    8 weeks! i’ll pray for 6. 😉

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