Well hello.

Sure have been absent from this blog the last several weeks! I just got my computer back from the apple store after a repair so I’m slowly making my return to the cyber world. That is, until my entire life is consumed with itty bitty diapers, sized 4 diapers, burp cloths, lansinoh, toddler toys, sippy cups, bottles, and everything else that comes with having a newborn and toddler.

My college roommate Christie is staying with us while she does her OT fieldwork in Kapolei and it’s been SO FUN to have her here!!! She’s great with kids and Ellie LOVES HER. And today she sacrificed her Sunday to help me organize the girls’ room and closet. My ‘TO DO’ list is shrinking to a mere shampooing the carpet and packing the hospital bag!

I’m officially on maternity leave, which means a week or so of Ellie lovin and resting before baby comes. Nonni (my mom) comes March 18 – CAN’T WAIT! The past couple days have been fairly uncomfortable as I’m pretty certain my ribs are bruised and it feels like a bowling ball is permanently attached to my stomach, but otherwise, I feel great. I’m not nearly as concerned by the contractions this time, knowing it’s just how my body prepares for labor and is most likely not the real deal yet. It’s easy to forget them chasing a toddler around all day. Speaking of toddlers, I’ll close this post with my new favorite video of Ellie. Christie and I took her to a crepe place in Kailua this morning and she went to TOWN on nutella, strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream. She is TOTALLY my daughter 🙂


2 Replies to “Well hello.”

  1. It looks like she took lessons from her Tio Kevin. I still have to constantly remind him not to lick his plate and he is 16

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