El’s latest

Still no baby 🙂

We are having so much fun with Elianna as she rounds the corner to 21 months. She is so expressive and passionate, which makes for crazy fun play times! Her current interests are: MUSIC! (any music will do, she just asks for music and loves to dance along), learning to jump (auntie Christie is a former UCLA gymnast, a gymnastic coach to little ones, and an occupational therapist student so she’s been teaching El all kinds of fun tricks), stars (at night she likes to go outside and look up at the stars), pushing elephant bean in the baby stroller (her stuffed elephant that she affectionately named “bean”), FRIENDS, fish, select kid movies (Nemo, Happy Feet, Dumbo, Aristocats), the beach and the pool, and wrestling.

We’ve documented a few of her recent developments and interests – so enjoy while we await little frijolita!!!

beach babe
resting during a wrestling match with daddy
making her 'funny face'
pushing elephant bean to the neighbor's house!

2 Replies to “El’s latest”

  1. She is beautiful as always. I hope that you are doing and feeling well. I can imagine that this time around (the anticipation and waiting for baby) is completely different since you have Ellie keeping you busy every moment. Also- JD looks great!!!!! That’s one buff Daddy (poor Ellie), he will scare all the boys…Maybe a good thing 🙂

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