Without Further Ado..


Ms. Claire Adalia Kalena Groves

Born March 18th at 2:01 pm, weighing 9lbs. (0.2oz.)!! and measuring 21 .5 inches

In keeping with tradition, Ms. Claire, I’m taking the blog reigns to sneak in here for a moment to talk a  bit behind your back, while you and Mom, Dad, and Sis recover from your grand TWENTY THREE AND A HALF HOUR entrance.

First of all, welcome to this world little girl.  Word is, as I sit and write this from a few thousand miles away on my sunny California porch, you are healthy and happy and everyone has very promptly fallen head over heals for you.  Being born is sort of magic like that. I’ll save  the details of your birth story and all the facts and figures and ‘adventures’ that have unfolded over the past 48 hours for your lovely Mama. She will do a far better job than I could ever do so in relaying that story, and well,.. lets be honest- that all is WAY beyond my maturity level.

I had planned to get a couple questions to your mom for her to answer about some thoughts and feelings about the past 9 months with you- but you went and got all punctual on us and arrived on time. This seems to be a running theme with you, just coming on in and not making much of a fuss about it in the process.  Well done Claire, good strategy as you take your place in a family of first- borns.  I like your style already.

Your mom told me your name means Bright and Pure, Noble one.  The very adjectives  I would use to describe this family your joining. Apparently, you’ll fit in just fine.  Your mom and dad have been doing some dreaming lately about the future and adventures ahead and those closest to you can’t help but take notice that your arrival is somehow divine in all that. An overwhelming sense that you showed up for ‘game time’ and brought along with you helpings of joy and hope.

Can’t wait to meet you girl and watch your story unfold.

Love from the West Coast,

Auntie Cait


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