Looks like we got ourselves a little co-sleeper!

All day, all night I have attempted to put Claire to sleep in her bassinet. I’ve tried putting her down before she is asleep, after she is asleep, just as she is falling asleep… On her back, on her side propped with towels, on her tummy… Swaddled, unswaddled… Pacifier, no pacifier… All with the same result: a little teradactyl (sp?) enters our home and screams her head off.

But if she is being held or sleeping with me?

Sweet bliss. Hours of slumber. No waking her up. At night – longer stretches between feedings even!

Part of me loves it and part of me feels suffocated. And part of me feels like an incompetent mom for not figuring it out. It will be better when JD gets over his death virus and can help at night. Much better.

I might try a swing or car seat or sleep positioner… Or I might just acknowledge that this is who she is and what she needs and enjoy the sweet snuggles while I can. Who knows, maybe because of her rough beginning she needs more attachment! Dr. Sears would be proud. 😉

Being a second-born among first-borns (who all fit first-born sterotypes to a T), Claire is definitely making her mark on our family!


One Reply to “Looks like we got ourselves a little co-sleeper!”

  1. Annie – oh how I know the joys(?) of a baby who will not sleep anywhere but on a warm body. That was Joella, my first born, and how it makes life difficult to get anything done. Now she is 3 and only just getting ready to depart from our “family bed” – might I say with a little reluctance.

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