Can I leave the title blank?

My girls are both asleep.

Can you tell?

I’m here, aren’t I?

It won’t be long now, that I’ll hear a cry from either room. Claire, sleeping tucked like a bunny on our bed, or El sleeping in her crib snuggled against a pillow, will soon remind me of my most imminent task of each night and day. The task, er role? … of motherhood.

I don’t mean to make it sound daunting. I love it. I do. Really and truly LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mama.

Especially to these two girls.

Ah but naptime. ME time. I believe I’ve gotten “me” naptime twice now that Claire is here. When maternity leave ends, naptime = busting booty to get work done. Right now, naptime = sweet soul searching me time.

A new season is ahead. I can feel it. Taste it, almost. I can see it and I can’t – all at the same time. But it’s coming. And I’m excited.


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