Two Months Strong

We skipped the one month update. As I recall, Claire, we still rocked you and held you while you slept for the most part, because I couldn’t stomach the crying when we put you down. Eventually, around 5-6 weeks, I decided that sleep was absolutely necessary for you – and as our help left there were fewer arms to hold you. That began a little routine of rocking you to *almost* sleep, then putting you down and setting a timer. You started to get the hang of it, mama began breathing a little easier, and then WA LA.

Two months.

The day before you turned two months old you thought it would be BRILLIANT to roll over. You are a tummy sleeper, we figured that out pretty quick, and just a few days ago you flopped over from your tummy to back. IN. YOUR. SWADDLE. I’ve watched you do it and it’s pretty amazing. With your arms all straight jacketed, you lift your butt in the air with your legs and flop. Incredible. Girl you got some skill!

However. And yes, there is a big fat however. Our little naptime routine? Shot. Because when I lay you on your belly you throw a fit and flop over. And because you prefer your tummy, you scream like a crazy lady on your back or side. At this point I just set the timer and walked away, only to return to a very calm and AWAKE Claire. And on and on we go.

At one month you were the snuggliest little baby girl I’ve ever held. At two months, you are still the snuggliest little baby girl I’ve ever held. I love it!

At one month you were waking up 2 -3 times during the night. At two months, we are just beginning to consistently wake up only once or perhaps twice a night. Last night we had a nice seven hour stretch… of course this was after NOT sleeping the entire two hours I left you with auntie Jackie and uncle Greg to pick up great grandma from the airport. You are on a nap strike woman. You didn’t sleep when I left you with uncle Patrick either. I think you are in protest that I am away. Noted.

You are a smiley baby just after nursing… well, and I’m not going to lie. As soon as we get ready to nurse you’re all smiles cuz you likey the milk. Speaking of liking milk, did you know that you’re 23.5 inches long and 12 lbs. 4 ozs? This lands you in the 90th percentile girl. Make me proud!

My favorite Claireism – aside from the snuggles, of course, are your coos. I do believe we have a talker on our hands! Full on conversations of coos. You’ve been doing this almost from the womb – at least from 3 weeks on – and it just gets better and better. You especially coo with daddy, you little flirt you. Coo and goo and gaa and ooh. The other day we had the best conversation, you and I. It was 4 am and I was switching sides to nurse you. Instead of latching on you opened your beautiful avocado skin eyes and cooed to your hearts content. You timed it just right, as I was really missing your daddy who is gone in the Philippines right now.

You are a delight, my daughter. I can’t help but want so many more with how lovely an addition to our family you are. Your sister is SMITTEN and wants to hold you and burp you and love on you all day long. Why, she even wants to feed you! Just today I found a tiny soggy chunk of tortilla chip in your mouth. Goodness knows that was your sister’s doing. It’s terrifying, really.

Great grandma Jean is here with us now while daddy is away. You melt like butter in her arms. I think she does too. She hates that straight jacket we put you in. Insists you don’t need it or want it. I know you did as a wee babe, but I thought I’d try a nap without one – just to see. So far, so good. You sleep as well as you do with one – which isn’t saying much – but hey, if you’re ready to be done with the swaddle at two months I’m all for it. No 9 month nonsense! Speaking of “props” – you’re somewhat indifferent to the pacifier too. It helps if you wake up in the middle of a nap, and when you’re really worked up, but quite honestly, your response is, “meh… pacifier shmacifier.”

In 11 days your daddy comes home, and in 19 days nonnie and pops arrive! I bet you can’t wait 🙂




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