Quick bit.

It feels a little like home when I walk into their house. It’s a place where coffee tastes good and I’ll drink the whole cup. This place has multiplied the longer I am here. No longer just one, but several. Not too many, so significance is not lost in my mind or theirs, but enough for a healthy dose of diversity.


The community I’m talking about, the one that coaxes its way into your life, sometimes uneasily, is the one that invites you over for slumber parties when you’re hubby is gone, and acts as if you’ve always lived there during your stay. It comes over to clean your house or bring you an iced mocha because you’ve been cooped up with a fever and chills and you just really want one. It stays up late and rises early to help you with your baby girls. It brings you groceries and steals your kids for a bit so you can have precious moments to yourself, or perhaps, go get some errands run. It makes you homemade pizza on the fly because most likely, you’re coming over and you’ll appreciate it. It hosts a baby shower for you on an hour’s notice because a tsunami watch scratched the planned one.

Love is not forced, but its worked out…

And right now, I’m just really thankful for it.


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