Having Babies, Working with Teens

Within a day life looks different again.

I love working with students. I love my job. I love working with my husband. I love being able to work in either an office or at home. I love that my girls are part of this journey… part of student ministries… and love that our students love our girls.

This morning I called together a director’s meeting. And by that I mean I sat next to JD in our chairs in the living room with coffee. We went over our week, our goals, our daily schedule now that we have two… and other ministry stuff. Ellie watched 101 Dalmatians and Claire slept.

Maternity leave is pau.

Truthfully, it’s bittersweet. I love having a focus for our days and weeks – that focus being student min, of course – but I do miss the freedom of playdates and opting to read a book all day 😉

With a few days under my belt of “working” with two babies, I’m glad to say that my passion for students still exists and am very excited to spend time with students over the summer and gear up for fall again. JD and I are going to get strategic in the way we spend time with students, realizing a lot of our time will need to be spent in our own home. The luxury of just toting one around and trekking all over the island has slightly diminished…

So we got a Wii.

Just for the teens!

God gave us kids but He did not take away the Call.

I remember as a teen thinking kids were death to a youth group. And if we weren’t shepherded well by OdelayPalmero and his family, I’m sure this would be the case here as well. But honestly, having babies has been a great tool to connect with teens and their parents, as well as leaders. Relationships have been built solely around the fact that we’re parents now and can swap birth stories and potty training tips (have any, btw?). Teenagers, guys and girls both, are very interested in babies and toddlers. We have built in babysitters at any church function! El actually thinks she IS a teenager, and LOVES all the attention.

Of course, time is needed to transition into our family of four, but JD and I are so excited about upcoming ideas and strategies for ministering well to both our family and teens.

And so here we go again – with sweet Claire in tow – living our Call to make disciples of teens in paradise.


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