the ‘rents are here!!!

I have way too few pictures of this time with my parents right now. They arrived June 1 and were quickly swept away as tour guides for dear family friends (who we got to enjoy as well) for a few days. The days and weeks were going far too fast and I was starting to panic at the little time left we had with them. My brother, who goes to UH, is taking summer school classes right now and is super busy. So busy, in fact, that my parents decided to extend their vacation for a week so they would get to spend time with him during his 4 day break!!!


We are so happy to have family with us right now.

One of the things I continually bring to the Lord is my ache for family. Yes we live in paradise, but paradise is 2500 miles away from family. We feel confident in our call to minister in Hawaii, but it’s so painful at times. I really wrestle with feelings of guilt and sadness when I see pictures of my cousins and their babies with their grandparents. I have a hard time knowing both my parents and JD’s parents are robbed of having grandbabies close by.

I often talk to God about this.

We happily serve God in full time ministry, and I know this is part of it – but I’m not kidding – sometimes I ask God to move our parents out here 🙂

And while our parents don’t live out here, my brother goes to school out here. My mom has been here for the birth of both my babies (well, a few hours later with Claire), my mother in law has been out several times to help with babies, all of our sibs have spent significant time out here including internships and three week vacations and surprise birthday visits, we’ve been able to travel to the mainland at least once a year to see family, and we have visits lined up with cousins and hopefully more parent visits as well coming in the fall.

And just a few days ago my parents extended their vacation by a week.

All of this reminds me that God is faithful to consider us, to care for our aches and provide for our emotional needs as well as physical needs. I realize God doesn’t have to allow for all the visits to and fro. I don’t believe this is something I’ve earned or deserved… I just know God cares. And one of the beautiful ways God shows me he cares is by filling our lives not only with sweet times with family, but with ohana here as well.

Some highlights so far:

– an overnight getaway in Waikiki for Father’s Day (even sans Claire!)

– lots of late night talks

– watching the Bob Newhart show

– watching Ellie enjoy her nonnie and pops

– watching Claire snuggle

– rounds of Mad-Dash

– free groceries 😉

– trip to the lagoon

– zoo

– walks into Kailua town

– and of course – Costco and Target

More later – we’ve got a crazy day ahead in student min, including a beach day, yogurt mama with jr. high girls, and a leader dinner tonight!


One Reply to “the ‘rents are here!!!”

  1. This one made me cry… I, too, am oh-so-far-away as Jeff and I begin our marriage. But you are right; God blesses us. Much love. Rachel.

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