… left me spinning.

Aaaaaand exhale.

So I thought.

Turns out the bus needs to be sold for parts, JD’s wallet WAS in fact stolen by a noncamper, and oh yeah – that was my knee cap that just went out of place and then into place because a toddler climbed on my leg…

Welcome home from the craziest few months of… well… Claire and Ellie’s lives to be sure.

Not that they were bad months. They weren’t. Most of it was good, actually. Minus the bronchitis (is that still gurgling I hear in Claire’s chest even after getting cleared from the doc? hmm), hand foot mouth, and The Common Cold.

Shall we recap?

Ready…. GO!

– Claire was born.

– JD ran youth ministry while I was on maternity leave

– my mom was here. JD’s mom was here… totaling 5 weeks of help

– JD went to the Philippines for a few weeks.

– My gma came to stay with me

– 5 days after JD came back, my parents came and stayed for a VERY! EXCITING! MONTH!

– end of maternity leave

-Ellie turned 2, had a party

– 4th of July

– Parents left the same day we went to Wyldlife camp at Camp Mokule’ia

– I drove the hour to and fro camp twice to run youth group on this side

– bus broke and was “fixed”

– camp ended.

– bus broke again.

– JD and fam go to DMV

– bus too expensive to fix. Counting our losses… selling for parts…

AND Pause.

The baby’s crying. I’ll be back in a bit.


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