well hello there mentos and diet coke… so nice to see you again

On my desk sits a box of cinnamon mentos, a liter of diet coke, sidewalk chalk, 200 small pencils, my Bible, and a shell given to me by one of our students just before moving to Texas. Well, those things and a ton of other stuff that needs a home. I think the Flylady needs to visit our office.

This is my first day sitting at my desk since maternity leave. We have found gracious aunties who watch the girls twice a week for two hours – making it so JD and I can get work done uninterrupted. They do it for free. Maybe someday we’ll buy them a new car or something. We’re THAT grateful.

Sitting at my desk and looking at all the odds and ends that scream YOUTH MINISTRY gives me a little tingle inside. The fall is coming soon. The school year in Hawaii kicks off in less than two weeks – and I’m excited.

Visits to the high school and middle schools, CRUD WAR, a youth group production (maybe all those backyard plays are coming in handy after all…), watching our high school girls play volleyball and the guys play football… can’t come soon enough. I’m ready for it.

Now if only my desk were clean…


2 Replies to “well hello there mentos and diet coke… so nice to see you again”

  1. This makes me miss youth ministry (there’s virtually no one between the ages of 6 and 20 at our church!). Oh, and it makes me miss you too.

  2. we miss you too Jill. a LOT. Wish our girlies and the babes could play together. You coming to HI anytime soon?

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