little bits on 4 months

Hey remember that one time when Claire turned 4 months old on July 18? And how now it’s August 7th and I haven’t recorded a bit about the month that is 4? Right. So here’s a recap:

  • 26 inches, 14.12 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No! More! Swaddle! We’ve been sans swaddle for about a month now. It’s going well.
  • Claire decided to wake up between 3 to a billion times a night forever and ever amen.
  • This was the month where da mama got one hour of sleep one night. THAT’S ONE HOUR FOLKS!
  • Teething, teething, and more teething.
  • Finally, a respite from bronchitis. After albuterol syrup, the nebulizer, and steroids. Which made Claire puff up and look like her sister (who has my chubby cheeks). She had bronchitis pretty much all of month four. BOO.
  • Sister has become interesting – and even made her laugh for the first time!

And for the record, for the past three nights Claire has woken up only once during the night. Which turns out to be a MAJOR relief. She is still in our room… Ellie has just transitioned to her toddler bed and is too light a sleeper to risk putting Claire in the room with her. Maybe she could go in the living room? 🙂

We love our sweet Claire to bits! 5 month post coming in just a week or so…


One Reply to “little bits on 4 months”

  1. I am so relieved that she has freedom at last(ha Ha) from that swaddle. Being claustraphobic it seemed hard to believe she enjoyed that, but she survived and looks cuter than ever–love those dark eyes. Didn’t seem like Ellie was a light sleeper ehen I was there. She just went right back to sleep when I ignored her. Try that.

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