i like coffee.

Well, let me qualify that statement a bit.

My husband really likes coffee. He drinks upwards of 3 cups of coffee a day, black. His morning mug stays on the counter or in his hand until about 2 pm, when coffee drinking hours are over. If he drinks any other coffee that day, it’s most likely from Starbucks and it will be decaf.

I, on the other hand, might make an iced americano in the morning, and that will be my drink for the day. If I make it at home, I usually don’t buy coffee at a coffee shop unless I’m meeting someone there (which happens often in my job, I might add). But one cup a day… if that… is sufficient.

Still, I like coffee.

If I read in a person’s profile that they like coffee – I probably like them already. Just because they like coffee.

I don’t drink coffee black. Even in my americanos I prefer a splash of whole milk and 1/4 tsp. sugar in the raw. Yes, I am that particular. At home I use a measuring spoon. Not because of calories. It’s a taste thing. And I use sugar in the raw because I like the crunch when I sip it in a straw. I’d rather pour half and half in my coffee than use normal sugar. Texture and taste is strangely important to me when drinking my coffee. Which is iced, and not hot. I blame that on Hawaii.

This is why I like coffee, and probably why you like it too – if you drink it:

Drinking coffee is an experience. Making it is a process. Going to a coffee shop takes you out of the home and out of the office (unless you work there, which I usually do a few times a week), and often with friends or a good book. It is both a routine and a break in the routine. I like all of the above.

JD just asked me what I want for my birthday, and aside from a fun camera lens, vintage typewriter, acholi jewelry, and books, I told him that I also like experiences. Trips. Plays. Food fairs. Hikes. Trying new things – like paddle boarding (hint). Friends…

If you add a cup of coffee to any of the above (oh yes, how fun would it be to paddle board with a cup of coffee on your board?!), well, all the better my friend.

Sip on.


One Reply to “i like coffee.”

  1. Speaking of Acholi Beads…they have now changed their name to “Ember Arts.” There’s a REALLY cool story behind it, a story I think you’d like. You can read it here: http://emberarts.com/story/ Brian and I got to visit James last week in San Diego and he showed us the office…WALLS of beads. It was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of Acholi Beads. I should have taken a picture and sent it to you, I totally thought about it. Excited for your impending adventures!

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