little love for the sea

Nothing like a date night out at sea to remind you of who you are. Once upon a time I loved the outdoors and spent lots and lots of time climbing, hiking, camping, and pretending I wasn’t afraid of waves. Enter move to Hawaii and an entirely different sort of ‘outdoorsy’ type activities – mostly including those waves I was sadly afraid of. And then the preggo belly and then babies… and… and…

But now, with auntie Cathy watching the kids every other Tuesday, she lent us her husband and their stand up paddle and we went a paddling out to sea. Each time a swell splashed in my face I remembered that I LOVE the outdoors. Dear goodness I love the outdoors. And nearly 4 years of island living has taught me not to fear waves, so my affection for the ocean is growing.

Looking forward to more outdoor adventures with my man… Next time maybe a brie and apple picnic at Lanikai Point! Thanks Cathy and Lane!


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