Little Bits and Big Bits

  • August was hard for us in terms of babies, sleep, tummy flu, and summer colds. Thankfully all have settled down
  • We sold our 78 VW bus, Glorious Gloria. Sad days… the bus had its final breakdown coming back from summer camp with our jr. high students. With over $1,000 in repairs ahead of us (several hundred of which we had put down just the week prior), we decided to cut our losses and sell it on Craigs List. It was a hot item and quickly sold. We took a few pictures of our fun ride:

So many memories driving through tunnels on the H3 and wondering if we’d make it, rain pouring on our knees through the rusted holes, driving to North Shore the long way around, and piling teens in the car for many a journey. She really was glorious.

  • We are trying to ReHome Rowdy. Turns out we’re not great dog owners… particularly with each of us working full time and caring for two babies. He’s a fantastic dog with great personality – but he needs LOTS of attention and exercise. Lots. We found someone who is super interested and has horses and a ranch – a perfect fit for Rowdy. We will honestly be really sad to see him go – he’s been fun when he’s not – ahem – rowdy… but it is the best for him and for us right now. Hard lessons to learn.
  • Elianna sleeps well in her big girl bed – she is getting to be so grown up! Potty training is slow but we’re sort of intentional about that and ok with it. She has some great days, and some days in diapers all day long. She’s a CHARACTER though – keeps us on our toes. Never know what she’s going to say next. She’s adorably bossy, undeniably sweet and nurturing, creative, and an orderly free spirit – if that makes sense.
  • JD and I are doing well – I’m so blessed. He made delicious chile verde the other night – oh. my. goodness. Marrying a man who could cook was a smart move.
  • Starbucks treat receipts. Good call.
  • Real Simple. My treat of choice right now.
  • I no longer like soda. We began to buy sparkling water (insert snobby finger to the nose) when we were sick and sort of got hooked. Squeeze a lemon or lime into a glass full of ice and sparkling water and the rest of the day is guaranteed to be awesome. Ok maybe not – but it’s super refreshing. And while it’s expensive, there are few things we buy that are considered “luxuries” – sparkling water and coffee are our two. No longer buying value meals and soda out might even make up for the cost of the water.
  • Grilled corn on the cob with squeezed lime and crumbled feta cheese. The end.

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