Fall Book Recommendations?

Reading The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, a birthday treat from my mama… which now means every time I wake up in the middle of the night (which is ridiculously too often) my brain goes through a series of “whodunits.” I’m glad though, for a good read.  I think I’m a better person when I’m reading a good book. A better version of me. More creativity, less laziness, less compulsion to hop online. All good for the soul and for our family. Even if I do nudge JD in the middle of the night to make sure he will react to the probable killer in our shower.

Any other good book recommendations? I enjoy pretty much anything but sci-fi and horror (mystery is ok).


3 Replies to “Fall Book Recommendations?”

  1. I am sure that you have read these… but if not, I really enjoy Francine Rivers book Redeeming love and her Mark of the Lion series.

  2. And lineage of grace – She takes the stories of 5 women in the bible and creates a “fiction-like” read. Good if you struggle with scritpure really sinking in- I do 🙂

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