Caresy Bearsy at 6.5 months

This girl always reminds me it’s time to document Claire’s little life. Her little guy was born two weeks after Claire. Seems like my MO has been month and a half updates… Which is A-OK. My aunt Kim got us 3,6,9,12 month onesies and Claire blew out her 6 month onesie on Sept. 18 (her half b-day), so the photos will have to come later. Here she is in onesie number 2 for the day:


Girl you’re awesome. You look just like your daddy, and consequently – just like your tia Monica.

We spent some time with her up north this weekend and she was smitten. I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual.

You’re perfectly chunky – though measurements will have to wait until we return to the islands. As it stands right now, I will be putting away all of your 6 month clothes and outfitting you in 9 month clothes. For like, a month. I’m sure.

We gave you rice cereal at 5 months, and you LOVE it. We took the hint after reaching, screeching, and nursing around the clock.

6 months is a fun age. Your personality is really starting to show and tummy time is getting fun! You are super social – HATE being away from the action. And while you enjoy others’ company, you’re content to just be in the presence of others. You talk often, making distinct DA DA DA DEEEEEE sounds, which your dad LOVES.

The other day you started scooting like a little inchworm, using only your arms. Sort of like an army crawl with the legs merely dragging behind you. You’re determined, little girl.

Your sister adores you. She always wants to give you hugs, hold you, give besos, and see you FIRST thing in the morning. You are mostly receptive, but you like your space too. It’s understandable, considering El is alll over you. No question she’s making you tough.

Sleep is still an issue with you, but we’re working on it. You’ve slept through the night a total of three times in your little life, and you are down to three naps a day – hopefully.

Alright girly, gotta feed you. I love you so much. Thanks for the snuggles and joy you bring to our family.



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