Happy Nine Months Rockstar!

My dear sweet Claire,

Well THIS was a big month for you!!! Turns out our sweet Claire is going to give us a run for our money. Who would have thought? The kicker is your smile. GIRL we’re in trouble.

Let’s start with some milestones.

This month you’ve achieved “on all fours” status, though you have yet to figure out how to coordinate movement with all four. You love to get on your hands and knees or hands and toes (looking very much like you’re doing ‘downward dog’ in yoga) and rock back and forth at rapid speeds. You’ve successfully inched forward once or twice, but you usually flop back onto your belly and commence flapping your wings and legs like a beached otter. You realllly get a kick out of this all fours business and I’m convinced you’re totally showing off. Your expression pretty much says, “look how cool I am. I’m so cool. Way cooler than you.” Your dad and I can’t get it over. It’s hilarious. And your sister is your biggest fan, yelling, “Go Cware Go! Go Cware go!” Who needs television when we’ve got our own live baby to watch?

If we don’t watch, you will most likely kill yourself. Death by choking. On anything. We’ve mastered baby Heimlich. The longest it took to get an object out of your mouth (A cloth blue star the size of a quarter) was about 15 minutes and our friend Meredith, an RN, helped us. EVERYTHING goes in your mouth. One time I left you with your daddy for a while and came back to a haggard looking dad. When I asked how it went, he said, “pretty much I just kept Claire alive.” Honestly, we vacuum ALL. THE. TIME. Still you manage to find stuff. Keeps us on our toes. Like we need that. 😉

This morning you said “mommy” for the first time. !!!!!!! You’ve had daddy down for quite a while. When I pick you up and bring you into bed in the morning you tickle his armpit and sound, “hi daddy.” Seriously it sounds like that. I’m not making this up. Sometimes you say ‘dada.’ So daddy responds, “hi Claire.” And then I say, “MAMA. Can you say MAMA?”


Not this morning. I heard it in the crib and you confirmed it by looking at me this morning and saying, “mama. mommy. mama.” HECK YES.

Now Ellie wants you to say her name. It’s so sweet really, this morning she asked, “Can you say Ellie?” Your response: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” We’ll work on it.

Your personality is exploding these days. You stand up to your sister’s love attacks really well, with headbutts, hair pulling, and shoving. It’s awesome. For now. While your sister thinks it’s hilarious and while you do it with a smile on your face. If you’re really bummed by her complete and utter lack of personal space around you, you screeeeeeeeeeech like a kazoo and give us a look like, “mother. father. she’s DOING it again.” You kill me kid. She means well though, she really does. All love. All heart. All passion. Allow me to introduce you to: Your Sister.

In other news, you’re a foodie. At 9 months you prefer homemade to jarred, heated to cold, and a nice blend of cereal/fruits or veggies to straight pureed. I. AM. NOT. ALLOWED. TO. BE. LAZY. If I give you the jar, you take a few bites, make an AWFUL face and refuse the rest. If it’s home cooked butternut squash mixed with rice cereal and warmed to your liking? Three bowls. It’s a good thing WIC provides us with so much baby food. OH WAIT. I think we’ll be done with this jar nonsense soon and just grind whatever’s on our plate because you much prefer the real deal.

If you had TEETH we could expedite the process. But you don’t. 9 months old and ZERO teeth. Oh well. I give you puffs anyway.

Guess how many times you’ve slept through the night? Four. A big fat four.

Guess how tired your mama is?


And you, like your sis, are quite stubborn. I have NO idea where that came from (jk)… believe me, I’ve tried to just let you cry. Do you know what that does? Wakes up your sister. Persists for an unsightly amount of time. Is. Not. Worth. It. Plus, your COME GET ME BEFORE I EAT THE CRIB cry is really annoying. Don’t feel bad, I don’t think any baby’s cry is pleasant. It’s just that this cry isn’t pitiful or sad, it’s really just ear piercing. I think when I wean you, you get more used to food, grow some teeth, graduate from college, etc… you’ll probably start sleeping through the night.

Girl. I will never grow tired of coming home from an errand, a meeting with a student, some good time at a coffee shop, and seeing your face LIGHT up as you inch your way at race car pace toward me. Using one arm and one leg. It’s priceless. Absolutely my favorite thing EVER. You’re a daddy’s girl, but you’re also a mama’s girl. When you see me you’d think you were discovering chocolate for the first time, every time. It’s unreal.

People ask how being a mom of two is, and I’ve got to say it’s super fun and it’s really exhausting at times – but if I were to sum it all up in one thought, it would be this: The love is intense. There’s nothing like it. Both your daddy and I feel it for you and for your sister. Crazy amounts of love flowing through our house. Doesn’t hold a candle to the amount of coffee that flows through our house, if you know what I’m sayin.

You continue to be sweet and cuddly…. just like you were as a newborn. You love to snuggle up when you’re really tired. We eat it up. So do your aunties 😉

I love you, Cares.




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