Christmas this year…

  • FUN FUN FUN with kiddos to celebrate with
  • face-rocking advent season… filling my heart with complete joy
  • thanks to flylady, a clean house with gifts put away and toys that need new homes already boxed up and ready to be given away
  • sweet baby faces
  • killer Christmas feast
  • precious ohana on an island without family
  • Christmas dresses
  • pjs with cookies and hot cocoa
  • super fun ichats with family
  • melissa & doug toys = scrumptious
  • a brand new apron from my ma that makes me want to cook all day long forever and ever amen
  • good reads
  • Honolulu City Lights a few weeks ago
  • Ugly Sweaters and Ugly Shorts on Ice… and a memorable night with the teens for our Christmas party
  • tonight: Tyrone Wells with good friends
  • tomorrow: more feast.

Merry Merry to all…


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