2010… the year my hair turned curly.

December 2009. Straight Hair.

And then this little beauty

December 2010. Hair that curls. And will not straighten. Without lots of work.

I think, in reflecting 2010… this is what I hope to remember. My curly hair. Because a sweetie gave it to me… and she more than makes up for everything else that happened in 2010…

Also in my memories…

God gave us money for a car.

God was the source of our joy and peace when circumstances were not.

‘God is faithful’ is the running theme in my mind and my heart this year.

Hoping for peace, clarity, and provision in 2011. Our God is faithful and we will yet praise Him.



2 Replies to “2010… the year my hair turned curly.”

  1. I love this post, a reflection of what God has done for ya. 🙂 And glad you are happy about your curls! Pregnancies do strange things, don’t they? I’ve been blogging a lot actually, so please come by for a visit!

  2. Nothin’ like having a growing family and unmet needs to learn God’s faithfulness. I hope you continue to learn about his desire to bless your socks off (except you don’t wear sox) in 2011.

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