here, there, and everywhere

We are snuggled in for a couple weeks with the Oregon fam, taking much needed rest from the daily hubbub and enjoying every second of constant grazing, catnaps, a cozy living room that is never empty, and the crisp cool Northwestern climate.

The girls are getting plenty of play time with family (read= a BREAK for mom and dad) and it makes our hearts happy to sit and watch endless attention focused on our girls. We have a few trips to Portland up our sleeve, and perhaps to the snow as well, but for the most part we sit and rest.

I am reading a book called Cold Tangerines, and quite honestly Jesus and my friend Megan new I needed this book right now. It’s all sorts of inspiring and healing for me. I never want it to end.

I love/hate that our families are so far apart from one another (the love part because I genuinely love the Pacific Northwest as well as California). My heart is in three places: Hawaii, CA, and Oregon. If only I could smoosh those places all together into one squeezy happy place… Until then, my heart will stretch over the expanse of an ocean and Interstate 5.

Hey did I mention my brother’s getting married in the summer? Yeah he is! July 30 and then he’ll continue to be  a Mr., only joined with a Mrs.!!



2 Replies to “here, there, and everywhere”

  1. Annie-

    Cold tangerines is great… you should read her book Bittersweet after you finish. I am reading it now and I love it. Have a great time in Oregon… i’m jealous 🙂
    Hope you are well!


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