life in the snow globe

I haven’t known what to say. Somewhere in the wings is a post about our vacation. I’ll put it up sometime I’m sure, though the content already seems old.

Our church is… broken? Not split, but definitely… shrunk, divided. There are so many sides and opinions and thoughts about what is happening, but I will refrain from talking about it here. Hurt everywhere.  Good stuff is happening too. I see God in it.

These past several months have been a series of the unthinkable happening. Good and bad. Stuff I never thought would see come to pass have well, come and passed. Much rejoicing and much pain. Mourning and dancing.

It has been emptying, too. Tight fists forced open.

I read somewhere recently that either freedom or healing come in the letting go. I don’t remember the exact words. This has been a season of letting go. And healing and freedom have started waltzing their way in slowly (by my standards at least) like whole notes in 6/8 time.

I have hope – small kine – but hope nonetheless. On bended knee prayers are being answered. Watching it happen is like living in a snow globe that is mounted on a shelf in a busy room. The prayers went out but we were still. And waited. And watched. And everything started to happen.

There is a reason we are told to be still. And know that I AM is I AM.

We continue to wait and hope in expectation. Always knowing God is Good.


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