baby, you’re 11 months old


At 10 months I was going to post a blog that simply said this:

“Dear Claire, You are ten months old and have no teeth.”

A few days after your 11 month old birthday, I can still say,

“Dear Claire, you have no teeth.”


I know this is in the crazy wide spectrum of normal, and you can gum chicken for crying out loud, but you and I are both waiting for the day that this process is OVER. You know, in two and a half years… The first teeth are the hardest to pop through and your little gums are swollen and bumpy and… toothless.

You refuse to be spoonfed anymore. Unless it’s yogurt, but even then it’s short-lived. Your favorite food is PEAS! No joke. You can pound those little green peas better than anyone I know. You also love blueberries, noodles, pizza, bread, mum mums, bananas, and frozen veggies. I’m amazed what you’re able to handle considering you aint got no toofers.

You cruise the house like a pro. You’re trying to stand up from the ground, but you mostly make it midway and topple over. I’m sure you’ll be walking soon enough.

Your sister is your biggest fan (in addition to your daddy and I of course). She cheers you on, gives you a hug and kiss before naptime/bedtime, scolds us for training you to not stick your fist in the vhs player (yes we have one of those, no we’ve never used it), and always wants you on the ground to play with her. A-dorable.

You wake up 1-3 times a night still. It’s awesome, no really it is. Every time I think about working at getting you to sleep through the night I’m too tired to make any more effort than simply nursing you to sleep and so the cycle continues. We’re weaning you this month, so at some point it will end. Soon.

You’ve picked up your sister’s milk cup and CHUGGED a couple times. No adverse reactions, thankfully. You think it’s great. We’re going to cheat and start you early. Maybe next week, or the week after. I’m not in a huge rush, but after being used by growing another human being since fall of 2007, this mama’s DONE. For now 😉

You are still our sweet Claire, but recently you’ve added some SPICE to your personality. You’re learning to assert yourself in high pitch SCREAMS and it’s cute and obnoxious all at the same time. I blame your new earrings.

We love you little one. A LOT.



3 Replies to “baby, you’re 11 months old”

  1. MommyTheorist – how fun you have an 11 month old as well! Thanks so much for stopping by, I’ll have to check out your blog!
    Barbie – Thanks, I’m finally figuring out my camera!!

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