Oregon Vacation

*written a long time ago, as you can see at the bottom, I sort of lost stamina 🙂 Enjoy a little snapshot of our vacation to the Great Northwest!


It’s Saturday, which means donuts and coffee and bacon at the Groves’ home. Tomorrow we load up and head home to our aloha state and warm weather. Our trip has been lovely. Homey and clarifying and fun. As parents of two wee ones, JD and I have finally realized that our definition of ‘vacation’ must change. We dreamed of rest and sleep and long date nights and time in coffee shops… day trips to downtown Portland and perhaps Seattle… Not factored in were sleepless nights, nasty colds, overtired and clingy babes, teething, and the reality that shopping and sitting and resting is not in a toddler’s vocabulary.

aubi and Claire bundle up for some time outside
uncle Kevin takes El for a ride


We were abundantly blessed with the help of grandparents, tia, and uncles… which meant our sleepless nights were made up for in the early morning hours when aubi and grandad went to town making scrumptious breakfasts for the girls, changing diapers and clothes, and endless hours of entertainment. We slept in until 11 am one day. That NEVER happens!!!!

tia and her little clone
great aunt Ita (Margarita) with a snuggle Claire
me and my sis
aubi and her grandbabies on her 50th birthday!
Claire + Grandad = BFF
Sheeeeeeeeeeee's 50!!! 50 years old!!!!! (anyone? Monica?)

While I wrestled initially with our new reality of vacation, I finally came to the conclusion that this short snippet of life is precious. And it’s not forever. And someday we’ll sleep for eight hours straight. And one day, in the not too distant future, I’ll miss it. Oh and, you know… it’s not about me.

old skool
Claire hops on

So instead of overnight getaways, we hit the Oregon zoo twice, a great kid’s museum in Salem twice, and a children’s museum on steroids for an entire fun-filled day. We spent hours indoors with new toys and movies, trips to the Kroc center for their water playground, and plenty of sweet time with family.

look at those peepers!!! Da local keiki figuring out what cold means...
Puerto Rican breakfast: cheese toast and hot chocolate
listening to wolves howl

JD and I managed plenty of quick trips out, nearly every day, which more than made up for not getting a night away. We toured downtown Salem, drank coffee, went on lunch dates and dinner dates, worked out a couple times and met with good friends for coffee, breakfast and dinner.

Uncle Jo and Auntie Renee!!

Two words: Stumptown. Coffee. Forget about Starbucks. We were in love. Went anytime we could.

Also a highlight? Watching the younger Groves men battle it out in the water for Districts. Those boys are faaaaaast!

Kevin, Jr. got 2nd, Perry, Fr. got 6th

Not gonna lie, I was a little nostalgic for watching my brother’s swim meets. He was also super fast. Sure didn’t miss my own though! 🙂

We are now back and settled for nearly a month, but wanted to still send these out to the webisphere anyhow – so all grandparents will be please.


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