on tsunami warnings.

The devastation in Japan is unfathomable. To watch the black wall of water push past cars, homes, boats, agriculture and LIFE made my heart sink. Prayers for them this morning.

Their tragedy put Hawaii on high alert. A tsunami watch and then warning issued late last night, just before we *thought* we were heading to bed. A call from my dad came first, and then my neighbor Nicole. Facebook, CNN, twitter, Hawaii News Now all confirming the 3 am predicted tsunami to our islands.

Last year, we had a similar experience. My roommate was visiting and my baby shower was scheduled for the am. Instead, friends crashed at our place to watch live feed of the tsunami that never was. Sirens, roads closed, evacuations… the whole bit.

Because of last year’s experience, and our island’s history of tsunamis, we really weren’t nervous.

Those sirens though… unnerving.

In fact, we were going to just head to bed but someone had to say something about bleaching her tub and filling it with water and suddenly I was loaded with comet, a scrub brush, and bleach. At 11:30 pm. JD, purely to appease me, filled up to pitchers of water for our fridge.

Sirens continued and we “slept” until the 2:30 am siren went off, followed by sirens of the ambulance and firefighting type. I began texting my friends who live in the evacuation zone, including my friend Meredith who is 9 months pregnant. She was in our parking lot, but that little turkey insisted on staying in her little ‘nest’ they made in their car. We peeked outside and saw several cars in the parking lot. Our friends who are moving this week (big sad face) drove over with their three little ones and crashed in our living room with blankets and pillows. They snuck out before we were awake. All my visions of sleepy-eyed breakfast with our friends went unfulfilled as the tsunami was thankfully uneventful.

exposed reef at diamond head

Around 4:00 am we decided to get some more sleep after watching the live news feed for quite a while. The tsunami gave more of a show this time around (Diamond Head was CRAZY), but still with minimal damage. When El woke up at 6:30, our friends were gone and ignitions were starting outside our cottage. Crisis passed…

As for us, I am thankful for a brand spanking clean tub and a whole lot of safety here.

Mahalo for all your emails, texts and facebook messages. It was really nice to know people were praying for us and thinking of us out here on our little island.


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